Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the distance around the reservoir?
    When traveling the paved pathway, the distance is 1.6 miles.

  2. How big is the property?
    The property is a 120 acre tract that borders Brick and Wall townships.

  3. How many acres are covered by water?
    The water surface is approximately 90 acres.

  4. How many gallons of water does the reservoir hold?
    The reservoir holds approximately one billion gallons.

  5. How is the reservoir replenished?
    Water from the Metedeconk River is pumped up to the reservoir.

  6. Why are rocks around the reservoir?
    Rocks protect the slope/shore line and absorb wave action in the reservoir.

  7. Does the reservoir have a liner?

  8. Is the liner protected?
    Yes. It is covered with 18 inches of acceptable soils.

  9. Why are there cameras around the reservoir?
    Cameras are for security and site management purposes. Signals are received at our central water treatment facility.

  10. How much sand was removed from the reservoir?
    There were 60,000 truckloads of sand removed during construction.

  11. What size pipe feeds the reservoir?
    A 42 inch ductile iron pipe carries water from the Metedeconk River to the reservoir.

  12. Does the water from the reservoir flow by gravity back to the Brick Utilities treatment plant?
    Yes. It was designed this way to save energy costs.

  13. What is the thickness of the liner in the reservoir?
    The liner thickness is 40 mil., comparable to the thickness of a credit card.