The Metedeconk River is fed by a 70-square mile watershed that traverses seven municipalities in Northern Ocean and Southern Monmouth counties. The authority draws water from two sources; the river, which supplies 74 percent of the water, and the MUA's deep wells.

Protecting our Watershed

As the agency responsible for delivering clean and safe drinking water to the 100,000 people it serves, the BTMUA is committed to actions that support and promote environmental protection, particularly in the area of water quality.

To protect the Forge Pond from potential pollutants caused by storm runoff, in 1991 the authority implemented an environmental protection plan centered primarily on its 46-acre headquarters and water treatment complex, which borders the pond area. The goal of the program is to control pollution of the water and surrounding land and promote environmental balance. The authority has also launched the Metedeconk River Watershed Alliance. Through the alliance, the MUA is seeking the cooperation and participation of seven municipalities in the watershed to implement policies and programs that will protect and preserve the river. Moving ahead with the alliance, the MUA has developed a comprehensive watershed management plan, one of the first such plans in New Jersey.