Brick Township Reservoir
Providing drinking water for many, the reservoir is also home to rain gardens that help manage runoff

Moses Milch
Retrofitting Moses Milch with a retention basin allows for increased water quality in the future

BTMUA Campus Improvement
Implementing more modern environmental design has created a more sustainable environment at Brick Utilities

Lake Carasaljo
Antiquated stormwater infrastructure with direct discharges into Lake Carasaljo and the South Branch are being updated with rain gardens/bioretention basins

Georgian Court University
Various progressive improvements to green infrastructure have been implemented on this university's campus

Brick Plaza
Brick Plaza is undergoing storm water retrofitting in order to have a more positive influence on the watershed

NJ Parkway Improvement
The NJ Parkway has undergone improvements throughout its length to improve storm water runoff

Ocean County Park
Implementation of floating wetlands, living shorelines, and filter tree boxes in order to boost the local ecosystem